Palm leaf plates are not just an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper and plastic plates, they also stack up quite favorably against disposable bamboo plates. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think our palm leaf plates are better.

Aevia Palm Leaf Plate Sizes 10

1. More Sustainable

While both palm leaf plates and disposable bamboo plates are made from a renewable source, only palm leaf plates are made from a sustainable one — naturally fallen leaves from the areca palm tree. That means palm trees are never cut down, and the leaves are harvested only once they fall to the ground. Disposable bamboo plates, by contrast, are made from bamboo trees that are cut down specifically for commercial products like disposable plates. That puts unnecessary pressure on the environment and is questionable for long-term sustainability.

2. Composts Faster

Both palm leaf plates and bamboo plates are biodegradable, but only palm leaf plates are compostable in 5-8 weeks. After all, they’re made from leaves! This means that unlike bamboo plates, you can throw palm plates after use into your backyard compost and expect them to break down into rich nutrients in about 2 months. Bamboo plates tend to breakdown over a much longer period of up to 8 months.

Palm leaf plates biodegrade in just 5-8 weeks in any compost.

3. Resists Heat Better

Palm leaf plates can be used to reheat food in microwaves for up to 2 minutes on high. They can even be used to reheat food in ovens at 350 degrees for up to 45 minutes (provided that there is a reasonable distance of at least 6 inches from the heat source). Bamboo plates, on the other hand, easily deform at high temperatures and therefore are not suitable for reheating in microwaves or ovens.

4. Thicker & Sturdier

Although exact thickness varies, disposable leaf plates tend to be quite thick and rigid. Bamboo plates, by contrast, are more consistent in thickness, but are much thinner. Thus, palm leaf plates are less prone to deformation so that you can enjoy a long dinner event without worrying about leaks.

Palm leaf plates are durable for use with knives and forks without leaking.

5. Better Value

Palm leaf plates are generally more affordable because they are simpler to make. The raw leaves are abundant and easy to gather. By contrast, bamboo trees need to be cut down. The process to make disposable bamboo plates is also more involved, and in order to keep their prices lower, disposable bamboo plate manufactures tend to include much fewer plates in consumer packs.

So there you have it, our top 5 reasons why we think our palm leaf plates edge ahead. But don’t just take our word for it, try our eco-friendly palm leaf plates for your next dinner, party, or BBQ event. Get a 15% discount now by subscribing to our email list below.